Rent a Snowmobile & Visit a Top Spot for Sled Heads

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If you’ve lived in the Northeast or Midwest, you know there’s not much do outdoors in the dead of winter. Instead of sitting in front of the television catching up on several seasons of The Office on Netflix, why not bundle up and head out for a different kind of adventure? Now that the holidays have come and gone, snowmobile riding season is in full swing and many folks are heading to some of the best spots in the U.S. to get their sled on. Below we’ve listed the top five destinations for snowmobiling in America according to Natalie Lydia of Live Outdoors. Read on and then go play in the snow!

  1. Upper Peninsula Michigan – The state of Michigan is home to over 3,000 miles of snowmobile trails and some of the best conditions for riding can be found in the “U.P.” Deep snow and consistently chilly temperatures from mid-December until late spring make the Upper Peninsula a great place to snowmobile.
  2. Tug Hill, New York – Lake effect snow storms blanket this plateau which is accessible to snowmobile riders during the winter months. The famous plateau also offers campgrounds and lodge-style inns which provide welcome accommodations to riders.
  3. West Yellowstone, Montana – Located next to Yellowstone Park, this spot offers riders access to scenic trails that showcase the splendors of the Yellowstone area without the regulatory restrictions of riding in the park itself. A summer tourist town, it transforms into a winter wonderland between Halloween and December and features comfortable lodging and great local eats.
  4. Togwotee, Wyoming – Situated about 50 miles northwest of Jackson, Togwotee pass offers stunning backcountry scenery and provides the perfect excuse to travel to Wyoming if you’ve never had the opportunity to visit in the past.
  5. Priest Lake, Idaho – Surrounded by mountains towering over 7,000 feet high, Priest Lake is home to over 520,000 acres of public land and is a great camp for riding offering hundreds of miles of trails.

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