How Your Company Can Hit a Homerun at Trade Shows in 2014

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If you have a new product or introducing a new and improved version of a top seller, trade shows are a great opportunity to gain exposure and show off your latest creation to buyers, retailers, investors, consumers, and anyone else who has stopped by your booth. Unfortunately, acting as an exhibitor can be expensive when you factor in booth fees, travel costs, and other expenses. So how can you get the most bang for your buck? The folks at Business 2 Community have offered a few suggestions on how to make your investment count.

Engagement – Engagement is very data-driven. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what post-show actions you are trying to drive with your audience, as well as how the action will be achieved. To drive those actions, it’s important to follow-up and make it easy for your audience to take the next step. Utilize social media and other digital communications to connect. If you fail to engage with your audience, the value of your trade show efforts will be lost.

Design – Straight-line architecture, which is easier to set up and more cost effective, is the trend for 2014. Exhibitors are beginning to incorporate light wood tones, using cooler colors and textural materials, and creating lounge spaces within their booths complete with phone charging areas and comfortable seating to provide a comfortable, authentic experience to foster brand awareness, build advocacy, and close sales.

Budgets – Due to the recent recession, budgets are leaner and many exhibitors are dropping big, heavy, hard wall designs in favor of smaller, more efficient exhibits made with aluminum frames and lightweight fabric graphics. With an increased focus on their return on investment, exhibitors have scaled back to scale up opting for smaller booth spaces and fewer, more targeted shows.

Technology – More exhibitors are using electronic picture frames, LEDs and digital signage to save money in the long run and stay green.

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