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Super Bowl XLVIII

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Bread and CircusesAre You Entertained?
Super Bowl. Two words that draw advertisers like sharks to blood. The 48th over-bloated, corporate bread and circuses hosted by nonprofit association (laugh), the NFL, is set to take place at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2, 2014. Some are calling this game the “Weed Bowl” or “Bong Bowl”, due to the home state of both teams loosening up on marijuana laws.

This is perfect timing. In fact, almost too perfect considering President Barack Obama has recently made remarks in favor of hemp. I’m reminded of the head scratching New England Patriots’  “tuck rule game” win after 9/11 in January 2002., where they went on to win the big game for a grieving ‘murica against the Oakland Raiders. Maybe I’m just paranoid, maybe I’m not. As Sigmund Freud once said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”–or a joint in this case.

The AFC champions, Denver Broncos will play NFC champions, the Seattle Seahawks in what is a pretty even match-up with the Broncos favored to win by 2. There’s plenty of WWE inspired story-lines to draw the average joe viewer in this years big game.

Setting the Stage
The Broncos’ high-octane offense led by good ol’ number 18, Peyton Manning, will aim their cannons at an attitudinal flock of Seahawks. In addition to being the best defense in the league (See Richard Sherman foam at the mouth here), the Seahawks are also seeking their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. Manning will attempt to bring the trophy back to Denver, where the last win came from back-to-back Super Bowl appearances led by quarterback legend, John Elway, in 1999 against the Falcons (another bird team).

If you’re not an employee of one of the dozens of corporations promoting this event who treat themselves with tax-deductible ticket packages, you’re probably a pensioner, making a bold investment at the tune of $1,500 per ticket. A game that takes place in the most expensive stadium ever built is bound to come with inflated costs.

Power Wheelchair Rentals in New Jersey

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Rent It Today Connects
Either way, if you’re traveling to New Jersey to watch the game in person, Rent It Today is your ultimate rental resource for medical equipment, digital camera, baby equipment, and HVAC rentals in the New York City area.

Whether you’re working production crew for the NFL in need of a back-up in-direct heater or tourist from out of town in need of a wheelchair, Rent It Today can connect you with some of the leading rental companies in the industry.

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  • ShellWhip

    Well this is a hard one. Since my beloved Bengals choked yet again (Thanks Andy Dalton), I’m unsure who to root for.
    I think Peyton Manning is stand up….but Derrick Coleman tugs at my heart strings. 
    Go Broncawks!!