How to Make An Apartment Your Own Without Ticking Off the Landlord

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If you’ve ever found yourself browsing the apartment listings on Craigslist or looking through a rental guide you picked up on your way out of the grocery store, you’ve seen them before: Photos of  plain, boring, drab, one-color units with outdated appliances and cabinetry. Sure, there are some differences but overall they look the same for the most part.

The upside to renting? No home repairs, no taxes, and once the lease is up you’re free to go. The problem, however, is that it might be difficult to make the space your own thanks to the fine print in the lease. No worries. Earlier this week, the Huffington Post offered some helpful tips on how to make your apartment a more welcoming and homey space without coming under fire from your landlord. Here are several of their suggestions:

  1. Add curtains – Colorful or patterned window treatments can hide those cheap commercial blinds.
  2. Try removable wallpaper – Originally made for movie sets, removable wallpaper is out there for the hanging.
  3. Turn bookshelves into focal points – Use patterned paper to the shelf backing or arrange the books in a creative way to make a big difference without a lot of money or effort.
  4. Get creative with storage – There is often never enough space in an apartment so add some storage using bar carts, rolling kitchen islands, and ottomans with hidden compartments.
  5. Add a rug – Jute rugs are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes, and go with anything in the room. They also cover imperfect floors.
  6. Paint your furniture – Painted furniture provides a pop of color to a bedroom, kitchen, or living room.
  7. Grab some tile tattoos – These temporary stickers and decals can hide unsightly tiles in your bathroom or kitchen.
  8. Change those knobs and pulls – Swap out ugly handles and knobs for unique styles. Just be sure to switch them back before you move out.

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3 thoughts on “How to Make An Apartment Your Own Without Ticking Off the Landlord

  • Caryl Anne

    Great article! I agree that there are a number of ways to make an apartment feel and look like your own, and with these great tips, I’m sure it will help steer anyone in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!

  • tastywatermelon

    Thanks for the tips! Perhaps you are right that adding curtains can make the room look
    better. There are lots of things we can do to improve the place we rent. I can
    share some with you. When we moved to our rental apartment we told our landlord
    that we would like some improvements (we explained him what we wanted to change
    and showed him a project as my husband is a designer) he was so glad to see it
    and agreed to reduce our rental payment as he was also an interested part to
    make his flat look better. Then we painted the walls, replaced old carpets, and replaced
    builder-grade ceiling lights with a modern lamp in the dining area. Added
    creative colorful pillow on the sofas, put some funny family pictures. The
    transformation was amazing.