Aspen, CO Rental Resources for 2014 Winter X-Games

2014 Winter X-Games

Aspen Chateau available for rent Grab your hot chocolate, parkas and prepare for a wild ride. Arguably the most entertaining competition in the X Games series, Winter X Games 2014 is administering a shot of adrenaline into the snowy hamlet of Aspen, Colorado. Legendary X Game athletes such as Maddie Bowman, Scotty Lago and Kelly Clark are expected to return to defend their gold medal titles this year.

The Pitkin County area has been called Colorado’s Hollywood. At the base of the 3,012 acre Snowmass are streets lined with designer shops, theaters, pubs, and hotels. Geared toward the affluent skier, Aspen holds a great reputation of being a simple mountain community.

Power GeneratorRent It Today offers a variety of medical equipment, tool and vacation home rentals in the Aspen area. For members of the ESPN production crew seeking short term tool rentals, they will find that Aspen Rent All provides indirect heaters, propane heaters, and electric heaters to keep the crew area warm during long days of filming the action. Aspen Rent All also has ladders, scissor lifts and power generator rentals.

Indirect Heater Heater Manufactured by Wacker NeusonFor spectators visiting from out of town,  rental providers have a variety of vacation rental homes that you and your friends/family can occupy for the week in the Aspen Snowmass area. With most listings within a short driving distance to the action, spend your X Games holiday in a warm, cozy chateau.

If you’re a medical patient and need assistance, Aspen Medical Supply, Inc. has you covered with an extensive array of wheelchair, scooter and accessible van rentals. Going to public sporting events can be a hassle for those traveling long distances. Aspen Medical Supply, Inc. aims to make your stay in Aspen, CO a memorable and pleasurable experience whether you’re a young or older patient in need of mobility assistance.

Check out the Video Preview from The X Games YouTube Channel:

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One thought on “Aspen, CO Rental Resources for 2014 Winter X-Games

  • Kyle Sebree

    It’s good to see Shaun White went with Olympics training instead of the X Games again this year. Besides, he’s won gold in the last 6 years!