National Ramp Donates to Yonkers Resident

Every time you think kindness and generosity are about to flat line, a small beat of hope pops up. Cynthia Knox, a 71-year old wheelchair-bound Yonkers, New York resident had her steel wheelchair ramp stolen from her home on December 19, 2013.

Cynthia Knox, Yonkers, NY“I was very upset and couldn’t understand why anyone would do that to someone’s lifeline to the outside world,” said Knox.

The story spawned the concern of Yonkers citizens, who flooded city administrators with phone calls about the incident. Yonkers Mayor, Mike Spano reached out to National Ramp about donating a ramp for Knox, allowing her to have easy access to her home for doctor visits and the holidays.

“We want to say thank you to National Ramp for stepping up. That’s what Yonkers is about,” said Spano.

National Ramp is committed to safely giving people their freedom to do the things that are important to them. With an inventory of numerous modular ramps for easy home and vehicle access, National Ramp has dedicated itself to perfection in their industry. The quality of their service and product is illustrated through this act of holiday cheer.

National Ramp Logo“I’d like to thank the National Ramp company so much for donating for me. Without it, I can’t go outside and get anywhere, so I really appreciate it,” said Knox.

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One thought on “National Ramp Donates to Yonkers Resident

  • ShellWhip

    Ahhhh, I could use a feel good story. Way to go National Ramp. I will definitely send anyone looking for a ramp your way!