Home Wheelchair Ramps Provide Safety for Seniors

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As we grow older, it often becomes more difficult not only to get up in the morning but also to get around the house. Whether a senior lives in a ranch or two-story home, chances are he or she has to climb at least a couple of stairs to enter their home. Although they may not use a wheelchair, there are many benefits of having a wheelchair ramp installed outside a front, side, or patio door.

  • The first benefit is mobility. Stairs provide obstacles not just for seniors in wheelchairs but also for those who use a walker or cane. A ramp allows the senior to get in and out of the house with ease.
  • The second benefit is safety. Steps or a rocky walkway can be dangerous for a senior using a cane or walker to get around. A wheelchair ramp provides a safe, smooth walking path for seniors that reduces the risk of falls and injury.

Freedom Constructors Can Help Provide Freedom to Get Around

Freedom Constructors

Looking to add a wheelchair ramp to your home or need to rent a short-term rental ramp? Freedom Constructors has the solution!

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Freedom Constructors offer a variety of ramps and ramp rentals to fit you or your family member’s needs. The company’s modular ramps and customizable wood ramps can be constructed indoors or outside and built to match the exterior or interior of your home.

Additionally, Freedom Constructors is also an authorized dealer of EZ-ACCESS and can help you choose and teach you to use the type of portable ramp that fits your needs. Need a ramp for just a specific period of time? Freedom Constructors also offers short-term and long-term rental options until you’re back on your own two feet again.


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