“Beliebe” It or Not, Justin Got Denied

King Biebs

Although I don’t know Justin Bieber personally, I think it’s safe to assume he rarely gets told “no.” I know women both young and older that wouldn’t dencline an opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time with the Biebs. He owns exotic cars, homes, and the latest technology. My favorite situations where there was a lack of opposition to King Justin include the following conversations (that I completely made up) during outrageous spectacles (that I didn’t make up in the least).

Justin“Do you guys think it’s a good idea to pee in this bucket, and slander past President Bill Clinton?”

Justin’s friends, security, and numerous bystanders with cameras and video recorders “Yes, of course!”


Justin “Hey. My weary legs are so tired from being given every opportunity in the world, could you carry me on your shoulders during this trek of the Great Wall of China?”

Justin’s Entourage“Of course. No one in their right mind would expect you to actually walk like the rest of the human race.”

Apparently someone at the Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario either doesn’t own a television, doesn’t have a pre-teen daughter, is the same person that told Oprah she probably couldn’t afford an expensive purse, or has the personality of the Honey Badger. Because this individual told Justin a big whopping “NO” to his request to rent out an entire mountain on New Year’s Eve so he could build a snowman and make snow angels like most kids his age should be doing. I mean, so he could snowboard in private.

If you’re bored enough to want to read more on this story, you can do so at unofficialnetworks.com.

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