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If you are disabled and planing a vacation or trip to Washington DC in order to tour the many amazing sites then renting a mobility scooter, wheelchair, or powerchair is a great solution. The District of Columbia is an area rich in history, monuments, & memorials. With so much to see, Washington DC scooter rentals are commonly utilized by people that simply are unable to comfortably walk long distances for whatever reason. Below is a customer spotlight article from one of Rent It Today’s most recent local home medical equipment rental companies, BW Surgical Supply, that offers a full line of durable healthcare supplies throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC Metropolitan areas.

Mobility Scooter Rentals in Washington DC

Rent a Scooter While Touring Washington DC

BW Surgical SupplyThe arrival of Spring and the imminent approach of Summer means tourists will be flocking into our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. We all know that an injury or mobility issue should not be a reason that one should miss seeing the beautiful and historical landmarks that Washington D.C offers. However, the transport of mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids can present a challenge to the individual wishing to take in the sights of our nation’s capital. To answer this challenge, BW Surgical Supply has been providing rentable mobility equipment throughout Washington D.C and the surrounding Maryland/Virginia metro areas for over 14 years.

BW Surgical Supply rents a wide selection of portable mobility scooters, portable motorized wheelchairs, ultra lightweight transport chairs and lightweight wheelchairs. All of our products can be broken down, taken apart, and folded for easy transport into cars, buses, taxis and many other different types of vehicles.

We are a leader in the business of fulfilling mobility needs, providing user friendly, high quality equipment coupled with customer service that exceeds expectations.

Our customers can feel confident using our scooters, motorized wheelchairs or manual wheelchairs in various museums and attractions (ex. national gallery of art and Air and Space Museum) because these items are allowed everywhere. Not all facilities will offer a wheelchair or scooter and if they do these items are not always in the best condition.

Rest assured in knowing that BW Surgical will solve these mobility issues for you so that the only thing you need to worry about is enjoying all the beauty that our nation’s capital has to offer.

So from all of us enjoy your next visit to the Washington DC Metro area.


B.W. Surgical Supply

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2 thoughts on “Washington DC Home Medical Equipment Rentals

  • calsberger

    Technology used in developing surgical tools continues to evolve producing high quality, precision and performance equipment improving capabilities in operating rooms.

  • Wessel

    Washington D.C. is a great place to visit and see the sights. I rented a mobility scooter last year on a visit so I could enjoy the entire day with my Grand Kids.