Newsflash: 911 is Not a Rental Resource & You Are Not God

World Revolves Around YouSince the world revolves around you, your block party should be treated as the most important event in the neighborhood, if not the entire galaxy. Your importance ranks right up there with the President of the United States while also being blessed with the looks of Channing Tatum and the intelligence of Bill Gates. Therefore, just as those individuals require special treatment and security in day-to-day tasks, you should, too. We wouldn’t want any “commoners” crashing your precious block party, right? They migh, gosh, even try to talk to you!

No Need to Twiddle Your Manicured Thumbs

What do you do in such a crisis situation? One man in an unbeknownst location in British Columbia felt a call to 911 was in order for his similar dire predicament. What for, you ask? Well to request a fire truck rental, of course. Still not understanding? He wanted to park the fire truck horizontally to block off his street. Hey, at least he was willing to rent it, and didn’t expect the local fire department to just hand it over because he is the most awesome person in the world and happens to live in their area.

To learn more about the top ten most absurd 911 calls placed in the Vancouver area in 2013, check out the full article from The Record.

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