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If there’s one regret I have, it’s that I was 13 years old when I began guitar lessons. Teen years are by no means too late to become proficient at an instrument — Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was 12 when he picked up the guitar (self-taught). This was an encouraging tidbit of classic rock trivia that kept me looking forward during those rough after school practice sessions, trying in vain to emulate the iconic, buzz saw guitar riffs that crackled from my parents’ FM car radio. Wert Music

The first issue youngsters encounter when learning to play guitar is pain, particularly of the fingertip and knuckle variety. I wrestled the neck of that cheap guitar on a daily basis, trying to build a nice collection of callouses to show off to my long haired buddies at school. You can’t wear a Rolling Stones shirt, claim to be a guitarist and not have the battle scars to prove it…at least this logic makes sense to a puberty ridden boy.

At 25, I haven’t made a living at playing a musical instrument. Those cards were never on the table for me, but I’m a competent guitarist–given the right opportunity. There’s one benefit that learning how to play an instrument has provided me a lifetime of enriching, independent time.

Brian Wilson described a mysterious world where a young person can go to lock out all their worries, fears and dream in one the Beach Boys’ greatest tracks, “In My Room”. In solitude comes confidence and truth from within. To some, a musical instrument is a torch that one uses to illuminate the path they travel through the wild thicket of life. The ability to create is one of the only truly satisfying feelings humans can embrace, the arts provide it in spades.

Wert Music, of Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Greater Cincinnati can help you find the right instrument to suit your style. I learned how to play guitar in a music shop like Wert Music and attest to infinite value it can provide to your life. In addition to a variety of musical instrument rentals, they also provide lessons for those seeking to get a good foundation for their playing.

Offering brand names, month-to-month rental policy and low rates, Wert Music is your one stop music connection for the new year.

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