Five Tips for First Time Vacation Home Renters

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With temperatures well below freezing outside our office here in Northern Kentucky this week, I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one thinking about taking a trip somewhere warm and sunny. If you and the family are itching to get away to a tropical destination – Hawaii or the Florida Keys perhaps – but are nervous about renting a vacation home, we’ve got you covered.

Below are a few tips for first time renters from Tom Gilmore, CEO and Founder at, to help your vacation remain worry and problem free from the get-go. Happy Vacationing!

  1. Start Planning Early – Many popular beachside locations such as the Hamptons book up to a year in advance so plan ahead! Gilmore advises renters to select their dates and start their search early to score the best properties.
  2. Stay Away From Scams – Gilmore recommends renters stay away from properties on Craigslist and instead rent a home directly from a vacation home rental website. It’s also always a good idea to the check out the property on Google maps and to make a phone call directly to the owner. Asking for references can also be helpful.
  3. Don’t Pack Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Before dragging half of what you own with you on your trip, find out what the vacation home has to offer. Most are equipped with basics such as cleaning supplies, utensils, dishes, and appliances as well as items such as beach chairs and towels or snowshoes and sleds depending on the type (i.e. summer, winter, etc.) and location (i.e. mountains, beach, etc.) of the rental.
  4. Save Big Versus a Hotel Room – Vacationers can save an average of 15-50 percent by renting a vacation home rather than booking a hotel, according to Gilmore.
  5. Take Advantage of All the Amenities of Home – Be sure to filter rental homes by their desired features – a pool, hot tub, grill, Wi-Fi, home theater – when conducting a search to make sure everyone in the family can relax and have a good time.

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