Whip Out Your GoPro Camera and Have Some Fun

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Whether mounted to the dash of a NASCAR stock car or on the back of a majestic eagle in flight, the GoPro is everywhere. One of the most popular cameras of all time, the GoPro has captured some of the most amazing video footage ever to be filmed. If you were fortunate enough to snag one for Christmas, you owe Santa a thumbs up. If you didn’t, don’t pout and don’t cry – there are plenty of places to buy or rent one.

Once you have your hands on a GoPro (or know where to rent one), what the heck can you do with it? Quite a bit, says writer Joe Songer of AL.com. Below is a brief summary of his suggestions:

  1. Use it in water – All GoPros come with a waterproof housing so Songer recommends getting it wet. Take it out on a fishing or scuba diving trip or strap it to your surfboard. Whatever you do, just keep it in the waterproof housing.
  2. Shoot a time-lapse video – The GoPro will take a photo every second up to every minute so use it to catch a time-lapse video of the sunset, a development site, or a sporting event or music festival. There are also simple apps available such as Time Lapse Assembler that help make creating time-lapse videos easy.
  3. Attach it to a vehicle and ride – Attach a GoPro to ATVs, bikes, or race cars using a handlebar mount or GoPro’s suction cup which attaches to any smooth flat surface.
  4. Attach the camera to you – Use chest straps, wrist straps, head straps, and helmet straps to attach the GoPro to your body while you skydive, swim, hike, bike, climb a rock wall, surf, or any other physical activity to catch all the action.
  5. Get the GoPro airborne – Attach the GoPro to a quadcopter or drone such as the 350QX quadcopter from Horizon Hobby to “take aerial photos and videos without ever leaving the ground,” according to Songer.

Want to rent a GoPro for your next adventure? Browse a list of rental companies carrying the GoPro in your area by simply clicking here!

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