IHS Releases List of Surveillance Trends in 2014

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Well, the ball has dropped and the New Year is here. If you’ve been following our blog (or picked up the latest issue of any magazine), chances are you’ve seen or read quite a bit about various trends for 2014. As the most comprehensive rental resource online, we aim to educate and inform our clients and their customers of new trends not just in the rental industry, but in all markets that might have an impact on their businesses or lives.

Today’s post was taken from an article written by Niall Jenkins, a research manager of video surveillance and security systems at IHS, on expected trends in the video surveillance industry for the New Year. We’ve shared a handful of highlights from his article below.

  1. Video Surveillance: The Star Markets for 2014 – IHS predicts that the global video surveillance market will grow by more than 12 percent compared to 2013. Within the U.S., IHS identified fixed-dome and 180/360 degree network cameras as the fastest growing products segment.
  2. Big Data: Crowd Sourcing Video Surveillance and Social Media Analytics – Following the “crowd sourced” data collection in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, IHS predicts that police forces will increasingly request, and need to manage, crowd sourced video surveillance data.
  3. Thermal Cameras Hit the Commercial Market – IHS forecasts that 2014 will be a breakthrough year for thermal cameras due to increased competition, new products, and new end-user markets.
  4. Panoramic Cameras: Providing the Full Picture – IHS believes the big video surveillance category winner in the New Year will be 180/360 degree panoramic network cameras, with global unit shipments expected to increase by more than 60 percent year-on-year.
  5. Security Cameras to Make Some Noise in 2014 – With much of the technology already available and the constant need for product differentiation and increased system efficiency, IHS predicts that the market will see more of an emphasis on the audio capabilities of video surveillance systems in 2014.

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