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If you own a financial firm, law firm or medical office you are fully aware of the significance of having your files organized. Maintaining the files of hundreds, if not thousands, of clients is a tedious process that shouldn’t be neglected. Why bury yourself beneath a mound of paper when you can switch over to a paperless filing system? Inception Technologies has the solution to your problem.

Inception Technologies

“It is always astonishing to me that these businesses are often unaware that adopting paperless practices can put thousands of dollars back into the company’s pockets each year.” – Kristina Feoli, Director of Sales, Inception Technologies, Inc.

Document ConversionBusinesses that are tied to the inundated paper system rather than electronic lose out on thousands of dollars a year. According to Efficient Technology, Inc.’s white paper, if every person filed four forms per day it can cost companies $12,000 per year on labor costs at a $40,000 salary. If there’s one lesson to be learned from this revelation, it’s that in order to increase the productivity and budget of your company you must cut out the unnecessary expenses.

Inception Technologies hosts a selection of scanner rentals to cut corners on overall costs. Whether you’re insurance company or law office, the benefits of adopting electronic document management with the aid of Inception Technologies will pay off big dividends in the long run.

Capture Solutions Available:Document Capture

  • Invoice Processing
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Document Converstion
  • Mobile Business Technology
  • Workflow

By enlisting the services of Inception Technologies, you’ll be working alongside a leader in business solution and document conversion. Their dedicated team of industry experts will tactfully approach and analyze your business model and offer solutions that include the best hardware and software in the industry (Fujitsu, Panasonic, Kodak, etc.).

Document Management

Don’t consume your capital budget in 2014. Outsourcing your document processing needs to Inception Technologies. Rent It Today is proud to help you elevate your office productivity to a new level through our computer equipment rentals.

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