Tips For Using Satmodo Satellite Phones

“When you rent or sell a service designed to save lives, but then fail to educate your customers on how to actually use the equipment, you are defeating the purpose and you are putting people at serious risk of injury and death.” – Satmodo’s sales director, Mike Mikha

Satellite phones are extremely popular with clients who participate in hiking, off-road racing, camping, and hunting, as well as the military and first responders. The satellite phone is simply one of the greatest life-lines a person has when trekking into areas of the world where cell phone coverage is minimal or non-existent.

Satmodo is hoping to remedy common problems that renters encounter when using their popular Iridium phones. They’ve recently started a series of informative, straight forward videos that will enhance the performance quality of their product when clients are putting their phones to the test.

Titled “Satellite Phones 101”, Satmodo’s extensive video series will teach how to operate a satellite phone. The first video starts with basics: antenna placement tips and how to use the button dial interface of their Iridium phones (9505A, 9555, and 9575 Extreme).

For more information on how to rent Satmodo phones, check out Rent It Today’s satellite phone rental listings for a top variety selection of phones (including those used in the Satmodo video).

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