Tips to Negotiating a Reasonable Rent

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Well, the New Year is upon us and for some of you that may mean it’s time to make some changes in your lives. Perhaps you want to take up a new hobby or drop a few pounds. Or maybe you’re looking for a fresh start and have decided to relocate to another part of the country (or even the world for that matter).

If you’re moving, chances are you’ll be looking for a place to stay and once you find it, you’ll have to sign the dreaded lease. Before the time comes to sign on the dotted line, however, you might want to take a look at the following tips on how to effectively negotiate your rent complied by the folks at Lifehacker. If the landlord’s a…”not-so-nice-individual,” they might not be useful but if they’re a reasonable person, you might just be able to work out a better deal.

The best way to win a negotiation, according to Lifehacker, is to create a scenario where both parties at the table win. The idea is to give something up you don’t care much about in exchange for something you that is also valuable to the landlord.

Here are a few examples from Lifehacker:

  • Prepay your rent or deposit months in advance
  • Sign a longer lease
  • Build a longer notice time into the lease termination agreement
  • Consider giving up your parking space
  • Agree not to house pets even if they are allowed
  • Agree not to smoke in the unit even if it is permissible
  • Offer to do work (i.e. shovel snow, mow grass, etc.) in exchange for lower rent
  • Discuss deals for referrals

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