Accommodate Your Youngest Holiday Guests with Rentals

Baby Equipment Rentals for Young Visitors

What do you think of when you hear the word “holidays?” Some think of gift giving. Some, mostly children, think of gift GETTING. If you’re my husband, you think of familial traditional foods like a HoneyBaked ham and homemade bread. If you’re me, you don’t think of anything. You simply stress out about everything. For those that host out of towners, you probably immediately start thinking of all the things you’ll need to accommodate your guests.

Towels? Check! Bed linens? Check! High chair for your niece? Yikes…. Crib for the new baby? Nope…

So what can you do to accommodate your youngest visitors? You have two choices. You can either shell out a bunch of money and buy baby equipment or you can spend a lot less money and rent baby equipment. Renting not only saves money, but can also salvage your sanity, and some space in your already overstuffed garage.

Save Your Marbles

Holiday StressWondering how renting baby gear can help keep you on the higher end of the stability meter? Most companies that offer baby equipment for rent also provide delivery, set-up, and pick-up of the items. I don’t know if you’ve ever put a crib together piece by piece, but unless you are fluent in six different languages, including “tool talk,” it’s nearly impossible to do in less than 13 hours and without disclosing many, many cuss words.

Say What?

Are you aware the whole rationale behind a garage is to shelter a car? I didn’t either. I thought it was a place to keep all the stuff that didn’t fit inside the house. It’s nice to know that if I rent baby items like a pack-n-play, crib, safety gates, swings, and strollers, I don’t have to find a place to also store them during the 360 other days of the year that they are not in use.

A Bit Partial

I work for a company that markets rental items, therefore it only makes sense I would advocate for renting baby equipment this holiday season. But there are “non-affiliated” individuals out there that agree, and recognize the many benefits of renting, including the folks at ABC15 in Phoenix.

Do you have guests staying with you this year? We’ll be awaiting your call.

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