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Have a temporary liquid containment storage need? Pac-Van can help! Founded in 1993 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Pac-Van set out to be the type of company and supplier they themselves would want to do business with. Committed to supplying an excellent product, a truly competitive value, and the highest quality of service, Pac-Van has been recognized by several organizations, including Inc. Magazine, Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and the Indianapolis Business Journal, for their high performance. Today, the company boasts 31 branch locations spread out across America and Canada and ranks as one of the largest suppliers of innovative space and storage solutions, including frac tanks.

Pac-Van Has a Tank for Every Need

Where to rent containers | Pac VanFrom frac to mud to weir tanks, Pac-Van carries a solid selection of portable steel container solutions for anything from fracking to excavation to environmental remediation. The company’s brand new frac tanks and mini-tanks are available in both internal and external manifolds and are the ideal type of storage for those working in the gas fields. Featuring epoxy lined smooth interior walls, Pac-Van’s frac tanks can be used to store the harshest chemical applications in just about any climate.

For those in the oil business, Pac-Van is also a premier supplier of mud tanks. Additionally, Pac-Van’s storage tanks can also be used in the mining industry, to control displaced groundwater on construction sites, or to prepare salt solutions to treat ice-covered runways at the airport.

Find Pac-Van on Rent It Today

To meet the needs of their customer, Pac-Van offers both short- and long-term leases of its steel container tanks and exceptional customer service from the initial correspondence to the completion of the project. For more information on Pac-Van check out their info at Rent It Today.

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