Giving Back While Giving Thanks

Delivering Coats for Coat Drive

Last week, many of us brought out the fine china, fancy placemats, and Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe in observance of Thanksgiving. Dinner table discussions included counting blessings and naming the many wonders in which we are each thankful. While it was a time for giving gratitude, the staff at Rent It Today also found it an opportune time to give back.

First of Many Annual Coat Drives

During the months of October and November, we held a coat drive within the office, as well as amongst our family and friends. The response was great! We collected coats, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, and even sweatshirts for both kids and adults. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, while the turkey was thawing and every nook and cranny of my house was being dusted in preparation for the family, I loaded up my two kids, all the donated goods, and headed to Gold Star Chili in Hebron, KY.

In cooperation with Channel 5 News, Gold Star Chili, Kemba Credit Union, and Youthland Academy annually participate in the “5 Cares Coat Drive.” Research of area shelters proved this particular drive to reach not only a variety of areas, but also a variety of individuals in need, therefore they were chosen as the recipients of our donations.

Coat DriveWhen I walked in with my children, each of us loaded up with a pile of winter wear, the eyes of the staff at Gold Star widened. They greeted us with “Wows!” and great big smiles. After three trips to unload the trunk of my car, a minor meltdown by my two year old son at the sight of his baby coat being thrown into a barrel, and my Mom snatching a few pictures, we stood back and observed an overflowing mountain of items and love that will go to those in need.

The Best is Yet to Come

The entire experience was heartwarming, however, the best part was yet to come. While calming my son’s confused state, I explained the reason why we were giving his coat away. As a toddler, I had to relay it in a story form. I told him about a little boy walking to the bus stop everyday without a coat, shivering from the cold. When I got to the part about that little boy being warm now because he was wearing my son’s coat, he immediately started taking off his favorite Toy Story jacket he was wearing. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me, “Buzz and Woody can keep someone warm, too.” With a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, I knew he got it. More importantly, I knew this was a moment that had eternally changed us both.

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