Everybody’s Doing It, Even Celebrities

Cindy Crawford's Home For Rent

Photo ABCNews.go.com

First, it was Chris Rock. Next came Gloria Estefan followed up by Rihanna. Now, add a little Cindy Crawford to the mix. Can you guess what all these celebrities have in common, besides the obvious waning career? Each is renting out one of their not-so-humble abodes to us commoners.

Ms. Crawford and her husband recently purchased the 3 bed / 3 bath home for just under $2 million, and are asking $19,500 per month in rent. I think the million dollar question regarding this setting is quite obvious (or maybe I should say the “just under $20,000 question”) – Is it furnished with Cindy Crawford’s signature line of furniture? You know. The one that is “Stylish. Beautiful. Affordable.” Actually, I don’t know if that’s the tagline for the furniture collection or herself. Either way, I’m not willing to spend the dough to find out about the decor. I’ll just wait for the follow-up story on Celeb Digs.

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One thought on “Everybody’s Doing It, Even Celebrities

  • ShellWhip

    Chris Rock career is waning? Say it ain’t so…….
    I’d stay away from Rihanna’s rental but hook me up with Gloria’s.