New App Makes Renting a Snowboard Easier

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Truth be told, I’ve never been snowboarding. In fact, I’ve spent just one day on the slopes and that was back in eighth grade. I don’t remember much from that day other than I spent more time on the ground than up on my skis. Nonetheless, I had a great time and looking back can easily see why so many people enjoy carving their way down snow-capped mountains. Now, thanks to a new app, snowboarders can spend more time shredding the slopes and less time searching for rental equipment.

Want to Shred? There’s An App for That

According to an article in Transworld Snowboarding, Signal Snowboards founder Dave Lee has teamed up with new gear rental service Spinlister to create an app that allows riders to rent or list snowboards anywhere in the world. The app, which is available for iOS and Android phones, acts much like Airbnb for gear. Owners set a rental price for their snowboard and renters search for the best price. All listings are GPS located so riders can find a board in their area and requests for gear can be made or received through the app. Once a request is approved, the owner is paid and the rider receives the reserved board. To protect the owner, Spinlister also offers a full-coverage insurance policy.

Spinlister began in 2012 as a bike rental service. 2014 will mark the first year the company provides listings for snowboards.

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