Super Bowl Could Mean Big Bucks for North Jersey Homeowners

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It’s one of the biggest events of the year and also one of the most lucrative, and this year homeowners in North Jersey want to cash in. According to a recent article in The Record, North Jersey homeowners are looking to rent out their homes to out-of-town football fans shut out from local hotels and other accommodations. Short-term rental prices for homes have been known to jump when special events such as the Super Bowl come to town and this year is no exception.

At the website, prices range from $1000 to more than $5000 a night for luxury accommodations in Montclair or Saddle River and up to $10,000 for a four-bedroom unit in a building on the Hudson River waterfront, according to The Record. At, the average asking rent is $760 per night, up from the region’s normal average of $260 per night. A representative of says that most homeowners require guests to stay a minimum of four nights, though some require an entire week.

For owners considering renting out their homes, rental websites are advising them to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves such as checking with town or homeowner’s association before listing the property and having a renter sign a contact complete with rental terms. It’s also recommended that homeowners charge a security deposit or buy non-refundable damage insurance and also remove or lock away valuables or personal items.

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