Temporary HVAC Solutions From Temp-Air

TempAir Heating

As the cold winds of winter sweep across most of the United States, contractors will be looking to rent temporary heating units for temperature control on the job site. Temp-Air offers temporary HVAC solutions for several on-site work applications including masonry work, concrete pours, ground thawing and interior finish work.

When working inside a building project during the uncomfortable cold of winter, the most efficient way of maintaining temperature and moisture control is to enlist the aid of portable heaters. Renting from Temp-Air not only brings the very best HVAC solution for your project, they also customize your rental by calculating heat loss, humidity levels, and the necessary ventilation requirements to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Temp-Air offers two unique air handling processes. The two solutions are defined below:

Make-Up AirMake-Up Air
Make-Up Air uses outdoor air that is heated through a Temp-Air unit and filtered indoors. Dry, warm air is circulated throughout the indoor working space, absorbing moisture and ventilating toxic fumes during painting, applying adhesives, etc.

By minimizing humidity levels and dew point temperatures, you’ll lower the chances of condensation and subsequent mold. The controlled mechanical ventilation creates a more uniform interior temperature.

Recirculated AirRecirculated Air
This type of heater is placed inside the job site where it recirculates air already in the space. These heaters control the temperature issue while adding moisture after the combustion process.

For more information, including additional HVAC solutions from Temp-Air, check out their rental store at Rent It Today here. You can also check out their informative page on Facebook.

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