Rental Service Lovely Looks to Separate Itself from the Pack

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As the number of Americans searching for rental units continues to climb, many companies and start-ups are working to streamline and simplify the process. While Craigslist has struggled to evolve its basic services, one website has made moves to separate itself from the rest of the pack.

Lovely Gaining Momentum

Founded by Blake Pierson, Lovely now processes over 1.5 million rental listings each month, according to a recent story in Tech Crunch. Additionally, the company’s mobile app has been downloaded nearly 250,000 times and a half a million people find new homes on its site each month. In all, the company aggregates data from over 100 sources and has also built out a platform that enables property owners to post on its site directly. The company has also established a partnership with Experian to offer credit vetting services for those renting out apartments.

Recently, the company closed a Series A round of funding which will allow it to expand across the U.S. and also acquired Rentmatic. By adding Rentmatic into the fold, Lovely will now be able to collect rent payments from its users online to “fill out the full lifecycle for landords and renters.” Currently, Rentmatic has customers in every market in America and processes nearly $25 million in rent payments each year.

Although Lovely does have some competitors in the space – namely Urban Compass, Cozy, and Trulia – the company has remained committed to its strategy of scaling nationwide and focusing on what the future of the market will look like to get ahead.

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