Don’t Buy Crummy Gifts this Christmas – Rent Great Ones!

Gift Rental

We’ve all been there. It’s down to the last few days before Christmas, and you still haven’t found anything for that person that already has everything and wants nothing. Well, you know what I say to that? Don’t buy them anything! Rent something instead.

Tis the Season to be Thrifty, Fa La La La La

My husband is the most difficult person to shop for. His 6’8” stature makes it impossible to clothes shop off the rack. He doesn’t have any favorite sport teams, and his hobbies include taking care of the kids and paying bills. Each birthday, anniversary, and Christmas, I become more and more frustrated trying to decide what to waste my money on (and I say “waste,” because whatever I eventually decide to get him, he never really wants or needs).

This year, I finally came to my senses. Instead of spending my hard earned pennies on something he’ll never use (that will undoubtedly just end up taking up space in our garage), I’m going to rent his gifts. That way, he can return them without any guilt or having exhausted himself acting like he actually likes what I bought him. The best part? It will save me money!

Joy to the Rental World

I know what you’re thinking. “What in the world could I possibly rent that would make for a good gift?” Well, I think you’ll be surprised. We’re living in a “renter’s world” where just about anything and everything can be found in some form of borrowing format. For instance, maybe my husband would like to try out his inner farmer. It would be silly to make a monetary commitment to something that could quite possibly just be a fleeting hobby. Instead of buying the whole farm, I can just rent him some chickens!

Happy with GiftThat one not ruffling your feathers? How about an exotic car? I don’t know any man that would pass up an opportunity to slide behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or a BMW if even just for a day. Then again, with his size, I may have to rent a Beemer limo instead. Good thing those are available, too!

If your loved one likes to tinker and fix things around the house, he’d probably appreciate a tool rental. I can’t tell you how many tools I’ve purchased for my husband’s “projects” over the years. Actually, if I was at home right now, I could tell you the exact number, because they are all sitting in unopened boxes in the basement. What a waste of money! Note to self: Research Home Depot’s return policy.

Has your man given in to a few too many tasty cakes over the years? OF COURSE I don’t care about my hubby’s change in body size. But his health is another story. Anyone who has been married for more than a minute knows that nagging a man about getting in shape will only coerce him closer and closer to the couch. Want a sneaky way to get him heart healthy so he can give your family the best Christmas gift possible – him being around for a few more? Check out a bicycle rental from a local provider. Actually, reserve two bicycle rentals, and make it a date. You and I both know we have given in to a few too many Cheez-its ourselves.

Not Jingling Your Bells?

These are just some of the very many options you have when renting goods. If none of the above have you rocking around the Christmas tree, don’t give up. Check out and especially our blog for more ideas and suggestions. And, by the way, Have Yourself a Merry Rental Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Crummy Gifts this Christmas – Rent Great Ones!

  • Ginny Conway

    Neat idea! How many bottles of Old Spice does grandpa need! Rent a sweet little power chair or scooter from Free Spirit Mobility and take him out to see the Christmas lights! Or to the annual pageant! Or out to the shooting range with his Red Rider BB Gun! Yes! !

  • ShellWhip

    Don’t rent tools for your significant other. My dad got my step mother a leaf blower one year. Didn’t go over well……
    Do, however rent an exotic car…..that would be fun.