Military Bunker in San Francisco Now Wine Cellar


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If you live in San Francisco, at least one of the following statements is true: Your rent payment isn’t exactly cheap and/or you love a nice bottle of wine. Located just outside wine country, San Francisco is home to many oenophiles and collectors. Although most rely on in-home cellars to store their collections, there are some in need of additional storage space. That’s where the Presidio Wine Bunker steps in.

Looking to get into the wine storage business, Christo Kasaris came across an old military bunker located in the Presidio while on his way to view another rental property, according to a story by Tony Bravo for SF Gate. The building was part of the Presidio military complex in the 1880s and was used during the Spanish-American War. During WWII, the bunker became an artillery storage facility and to this day the track grooves for carts used for transporting munitions during the war can be seen in the building’s concrete floors.

In 1994, the military vacated the Presidio and the bunker remained empty until 2003 when Kasaris found the space. Above ground, the bunker reminds many of “medieval ruins” but the conditions inside the space are ideal for wine storage and maturation. Temperatures inside the bunker consistently register between 55 and 59 degrees with 70-79 percent humidity. The space also has a minimal amount of light and its thick walls eliminate the need to install an additional climate-control system.

Memberships to the wine bunker start at $45 per month for a small locker and include the use of the facility’s tasting room, decorated with historic images of the Presidio. Members can also use the room to host small picnics or parties. Eventually, the owners say they would like to use the building for more exclusive gatherings. For renters worried about keeping their hundred thousand dollar collection secure, the Kasarises claim the bunker is completely secure.

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