Head To Head: GoPro vs DSLR Rentals


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These are two different cameras that are used for different and unique purposes. It’s true that a GoPro camera is infinitely more mobile than any DSLR. The compact size of a GoPro camera with its HD capabilities is exemplary of the tech industries never-ending quest to sell consumers a high definition camera with lens the size of ball point pen tip.Would it even be possible to capture a video of the man surfing beneath a breaker wave with any camera other than a GoPro?

The convenience factor of any tech item is typically what drives sales up, especially in the early years of a products availability to the public. Does this mean the overall quality is better than predecessors or even competitors for that matter? Let’s take a look at the both the GoPro camera and DSLR.

action-photography-gopro-hero3-4GoPro Hero3

The GoPro is a specialized mini-cam with an intended purpose of providing the viewer a first-person perspective. The small size and waterproof protective cases make the GoPro ideal for underwater shooting. The camera is finding the most popularity when attached to helmets for action shots that include surfing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, and many more adrenaline pumping activities.

These kinds of cameras are excellent and in a league of their own when used for specific applications, beyond that they’re limited to what they can do. GoPros shoot at a higher resolution than most DSLRs and they capture events too fast for the naked eye but they have  fixed focal length with a lens that lacks the visual punch of DSLR camera’s.


Technological press writers have hinted at the demise of the DSLR, soon to be phased out by the iPhone generation but it still has its merits. They offer varying lenses DSLRand not just one fixed view. Most have high quality audio that is picked up by external microphones, allowing for the best possible sound. Lets not forget the flash bulb and how it enhances images, indoor and outdoor. In intimate, stable shooting environments, it’s still the best option for camera gear-heads. SLRs also offer more settings to alter your shots.

Where the standard DSLR loses ground against its younger competitor is the simplicity factor. There’s a lot to be said about how our generation is perceiving media recording devices. Fans used to sneak high-end cameras and audio recorders into concerts to obtain the best bootleg possible. Today, entire sections of concert-goers stand in unison, electing to watch entire performances through a 4 inch screen in their hand.

The GoPro model represents growth–a possibility that has yet to be perfected for all camera use, while the standard DSLR camera is still a positive investment. The time will come to put your old Nikon and Canon DSLRs away, but we’re not there quite yet. Nationwide video equipment rental company, DvDepot stocks both versions with numerous accessories to enhance your photo capturing. Check out their rental listings here.

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