Rent a Robot So You Can Ignore Your Kids

PaPeRo, Robot For Rent

As a wife and mother, there are times when I feel my family is completely unaware of all the little things I do around the house. I honestly believe they think the toilet paper roll changes itself and food magically appears on the table each night. I can picture my son now – “Hang on. My dresser drawers were almost empty this morning, and now they’re filled with clean folded clothes? How in the…oh, look, Scooby’s on. “ It goes without further explanation, it takes a lot of planning to manage four individuals’ schedules and lives. If only there was someone or someTHING that could take on some of my responsibilities. You know, like a robot that could play games with my daughter or help her with her homework, so I can remove myself even further from my child’s life since I already need to work full-time in order to simply maintain a home.

Answered Prayers

Leave it to Japan to come up with a crazy invention that can do just that! Per, the Nippon Electric Company (NEC) has “announced plans to rent telepresence robots in a bid to make them available to a wider market.” The rented robots, known as PaPeRo, are capable of many things, including tutoring, reading emails, managing schedules, and keeping an eye on the kids through real-time cell phone video feed.

Finally, something that will relieve me of my parenting responsibilities! Oh, wait. “Robo-Mom” doesn’t have any arms, so I guess it can’t cook, change diapers, or put clothes on my kids. Plus, I just remembered, I actually enjoy spending time with my kids. In this age of social media and technology, I kind of think children are removed from human contact enough. And I really don’t know how the PaPeRo would be able to keep my two year old in time out when he outweighs the electronic by about 25 pounds. Looks like that stack of Cosmos is just going to have to wait…and I’m ok with that.

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One thought on “Rent a Robot So You Can Ignore Your Kids

  • ShellWhip

    I’ll have to pass on this one!
    With older boys I am desperately trying to find things we can do together….by choice!.
    I played Bakugon (???) last week for an hour, Sonic racing for a few hours last night…heck I’ve even tried Minecraft…..