1st Annual “Rent It Today Gives Back” Coat Drive

Coat Drive

Fall is here, and there’s a chill in the air.

Do you have a coat to spare?

Or maybe a jacket, a scarf, or a glove.

Then we’ll give it to others, donated with love.


Forget Spring Cleaning. Fall Is Where It’s At!

It’s time to make some room in the hall closet by getting rid of all those gently used jackets, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves that you no longer wear. Once you’ve piled them up, we invite you to drop them off to our office at 5809 Alexandria Pike in Cold Spring, KY. Around the end of the month, we will be donating the items. Can’t come to us? No problem – If you’re close, we’ll come to you. Just give us a call at (513) 783-5105!

Where Will My Donation Go?

Do you want to know where your items are going to go? Well, the answer is not quite that easy. Our goal with this project is simply to give to those in need. There are shelters that are in need, so your goods may be welcomed by a battered woman at the Woman’s Shelter. Additionally, there are organizations that have a need, therefore we’ll be giving some to the Channel 5 Cares Coat Drive. There’s also the neighbor down the road and the kid I recently saw at a bus stop yesterday that could use some warm clothing, so your donation may not travel too far. As long as we have items, we’ll continue to donate to wherever we see a need. We thank you, in advance, for your participation in giving back with us this season.

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2 thoughts on “1st Annual “Rent It Today Gives Back” Coat Drive

  • Tiana Berwanger

    Thanks, ShellWhip, especially because I know how hard it is to give up J’s first baby coat. A little boy out there will be so grateful.

  • ShellWhip

    I brought in round one last week. I still have the basement to check. Hopefully I’ll be bringing in round two by the end of the week!