Honor Adophe Sax with an Instrument Rental

Playing Saxophone While Riding Camel

Photo Courtesy: http://blogs.reuters.com

Do you know what day it is? Besides the latest viral phenomenon that includes pictures of camels indicated “hump day” each week, today also happens to be National Saxophone Day!

Play a Little Birthday Ditty

Researching the founder of the observance has left me a bit “winded,” but I can tell you the inventor of the saxophone, Adophe Sax, was born on this day in 1814. I think it’s safe to assume the date was chosen in recognition of this man of “classical” nature. Although I do not personally know anyone that plans on celebrating, I’ve learned there’s a “symphony” of schools and bands that observe in one of a “medley” of manners including parties and performances.

Let the Rhythm Take You

Curious what the “orchestration” of renting a saxophone entails? “Tune” into Rent It Today, and check out all our musical instruments for rent.

Shew. I really have to try to “refrain” from writing posts with a “grandioso” amount of puns. By the “finale,” my once “harmonized” brain feels more like a “drone.”

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