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This is the fifth and final segment of an interview series featuring renting medical equipment and 101 Mobility’s director of marketing,  Joel Brenner. You can read the first installment here.


Being in a position to help disabled persons must be rewarding.  What is your most memorable experience since you’ve been with 101 Mobility?

Our Philadelphia franchise received a call from a local wish granting program regarding a person who was in the terminal stage of Multiple Sclerosis and was going to pass away. The person was a well known artist and photographer who had lived a successful life. The wish granting organization wanted to make it possible for him to return home to be with his wife and pets for a final visit before his time came.  So they contacted us to rent a couple of wheelchair ramps so they could get him into his home.

We went to the home and installed the ramps. When the patient arrived at his home, the person who had transported him home was not able to transfer him out of the vehicle and into his wheelchair. So our employee along with her husband who just happened to be with her helped transfer the patient into the wheelchair and into his home. He spent several hours with his wife and his pets. Both the patient and his wife were extremely grateful.

When the patient was done with his visit, we went back and took down the ramps and since it was a one day short term threshold ramp rental, the 101 Mobility franchisee elected not to charge the wish granting organization for the rental.

The gentleman passed away shortly thereafter and the whole experience and the ability to help him get back home and be with his pets and his wife instead of passing away in the hospital without that chance to get home one last time was very good for his family. The employees of the 101 Mobility office in Philadelphia were also deeply touched by the experience.

Helping the handicapped at 101 mobilityI would say that for me and most of the employees who are part of 101 Mobility; we all know people who are hard working people, who take care of their families, and are great folks. Most of them, when they get home from work on any given day, they may not have a lot to share as far as what went on at work.

One of the things which is very rewarding about being in the rental business with these mobility products and working with aging people and disabled people, is that when I get home at the end of the day, I have a lot that I can talk about in what we do and the ability to share what we do. I get to tell stories about helping people. That is a very rewarding part of what we do and that’s what we’re all about.

Joel, let’s conclude with how 101 Mobility got started.

101 Mobility was founded in 2009 in Wilmington, N.C. by Keith Barnhart and Luke Sampson. After two years in the mobility business, they realized what the potential of the market was. They brought in Dave Pazgan as a third partner and CEO and decided to franchise the business because they felt it would be very beneficial as a franchise model. The first franchise was licensed in 2011, and the business has really taken off since then. 101 Mobility is now nationwide with 31 franchise owners operating franchises in over 70 territories and the company is rapidly expanding.


Rent Home Medical Equipment

When it comes to learning about your or a loved one’s options regarding renting medical equipment, 101 Mobility is there to help. They provide long and short term rentals, with many items available on a rent-to-own basis. All rentals include installation and removal, if applicable. 101 Mobility also sells a wide variety of mobility aids and is a certified and factory authorized service provider for Bruno, Harmar, Invacare, Romedics, Pride and many others.

101 Mobility has offices throughout the USA.


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