Know the Rules of Renting a Vacation Home

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A good number of us have been there before. You plan a vacation to an exotic or exciting destination and book your room or condo only to find a unit that is, shall we say, less than advertised when you arrive. Unfortunately, this situation occurs far too often in a world where so much information is available with the click of a mouse.

To help travelers better navigate through listings, avoid surprises, and enjoy themselves while they are away, Lynne Martin, author of the upcoming book Home Sweet Anywhere, has put together a list of five rules for choosing a vacation rental. We’ve summarized those rules below:

Rule #1 – Read the Reviews

Martin advises to read every review for a rental carefully. Prior tenants and guests are the best possible indicators of what travelers are going to find then they arrive at their destination in her opinion.

Rule #2 – Check for Annoyances

Use Google Earth to view your rental before you make a reservation, says Martin. Daily annoyances such as a lively pub downstairs can become infuriating over the course of an extended stay.

Rule #3 – Study the Listing Photos and Amenities Scrupulously

Make sure the unit has all the amenities you need by going through the description with a fine-toothed comb. Will you need certain appliances? How about electronics? Are you planning on using public transportation? If the latter is true, see Rule #4.

Rule #4 – How Far Will You Be From Public Transportation

If the listing isn’t specific about how far the unit is from public transportation stations, check with the property manager before you sign on the dotted line. You might want to take it a step further and check with Google Maps.

Rule #5 – Check the Internet

If you need the internet, be sure to inquire about Internet strength and speed. A consistent broadband connection is important if you plan on using Skype or streaming live entertainment during the trip.

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  • LesCourtney

    Good idea about in regards to checking for annoyances. You forget sometimes that the pictures are more to entice you then to show you everything.