What To Do With All That Extra Cash Each Month

Gloria Estefan's Main House

Photo Courtesy: realty.com

Light Up A Cigar With a C-Note? C’mon, You Can Do Better Than That!

After the groceries are bought, the bills are paid, and the cars are filled up, do you have an extra $30,000 sitting around each month? I have a couple ideas of what you can do with all that moo-lah. First, there’s the obvious, which is donate it to a good cause. Another suggestion would be to invest your cash in the financial market. OR…you could “Get on Your Feet” and “Turn the Beat Around” with a crazy “Conga,” because I’m sure the “Rhythm is Gonna Get You.”

Sad…I know…but how else can I make renting Gloria Estefan’s island guest house for $30k sound interesting?

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