Benefits of Renting Baby Equipment When Traveling

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Baby Gear Rental Makes Bringing Along Your Gene Pool Less Stressful

This holiday season, hundreds of thousands of families in the U.S. will be traveling by car, bus, or train to visit relatives and friends in other parts of the country. Several of these families will be heading out with a baby in tow which can mean more items to pack and more luggage to carry. Fortunately, there’s a way parents can avoid doing both. Renting baby equipment has a number of benefits for families hitting the road:

  1. Save Frustration: Avoid the hassle and headaches of trying to pack and take your entire nursery with you by renting baby equipment. You’ll save both time and effort and avoid the wear and tear on items during packing and transport. You’ll also save room in the car to pack all those Christmas gifts.
  1. Save Money: Rental fees for baby equipment are very reasonable. In addition, parents can also save money on luggage fees. Planning on driving to your destination? Renting equipment can cut gas expenses and allow you to drive a smaller, more economical vehicle.
  1. Save Wear and Tear: Own an expensive stroller or car seat? Be wary of airlines that may not take care of your baby’s items. Parents should also take into consideration the amount of abuse the equipment will take when used in crowded public spaces, parking lots, and in winter weather.

    Baby equipment rental benefits

  1. Save Naptime: Avoid missed naptimes caused by spending too much time trying to transport and unload equipment by having your child’s crib delivered and set up at your destination when you arrive.
  1. Try New Things: Renting items you have considered purchasing, such as a double stroller or new crib, is a great way to try an item before buying it. Most rental companies offer daily, weekly, or monthly rates so check them out before making a large purchase.

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One thought on “Benefits of Renting Baby Equipment When Traveling

  • Tiana Berwanger

    It just makes sense to rent baby equipment when traveling with little ones. It saves time, money, space, and the tiny bit of sanity we parents have left.