Rent, Don’t Buy Tools for Your Next DIY Project

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Over the years, my dad has amassed a tool collection that would make even Bob Vila jealous. In fact, he has not one but two workbenches at my parent’s home (way) west of Cincinnati. A few years ago, I moved into a historic home in Northern Kentucky and quickly realized my toolbox was ill prepared for the work that awaited it at my new old home.

Fortunately for me, my dad’s tool crib is just a short drive away. But what about those folks who aren’t able to borrow the tools they need to get the job done? Should they run out to Home Depot and buy the piece of equipment they need knowing they might not ever use it again? Should they rent? To help make their decision easier, the experts at Popular Mechanics have put together a list of the eight tools individuals should rent rather than buy. We’ve summarized their recommendations below. Good luck DIYers!

Tile Saw – Although you can pick up a tile saw for as little as $50 at most home centers, a cheap saw may not be the ideal choice for cutting large or marble or thick tiles. For about $50 per day, you can rent a commercial tile saw that retails for $1200. The high-quality saw can handle almost any tile without chipping the edges and gives you more control for precision cuts.

Post-Hole Digger – Sure, you can go the old school route and spend $25 or more for a manual, clamshell post-hole digger or you can make life easier for yourself and rent a power auger to dig all the holes you need in a half-day or so.

Rotary Hammer – Need to run a dryer bent or knock old mortar out of a masonry wall for tuckpointing? Rent a rotary hammer. For about $35, you can rent a rotary hammer for four hours. The rotary hammer will provide the extra power your ordinary drill can’t supply.

Tiller – Most folks turn their soil once or twice a year. Rather than making a large investment on a tool that will clutter your garage or tool shed, you can rent a $5000 hydraulic rear tiller for $90 to $100 per day.

Paint Sprayer – Handheld sprayers may be affordable but they do have their drawbacks (i.e. hard to clean, multiple refills, etc.). Your best bet is to rent a commercial HVLP sprayer. An HVLP sprayer provides a professional-looking finish in less time than a handheld model and can be rented for just $60 per day.

Diamond Saw Blades – Rather than spending upwards of $1000 on a diamond blade (or several throw-away blades), rent a top-of-the-line blade to safely and properly cut through masonry materials or concrete.

Drain Auger – Clogged drain? Rent a mechanical drain auger for $40 for 70 feet of cable for four hours. On a budget? Try the manual version for $25 for 50 feet of coil for four hours.

Hardwood Flooring Tools – Rental centers have all the tools you need for a hardwood floor install – including staplers and sanders – starting at $45 per day.

To save time and money on your next DIY project,  check out all of Rent It Today’s tool rentals. We even offer heavy equipment rentals for larger projects.

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2 thoughts on “Rent, Don’t Buy Tools for Your Next DIY Project

  • ShellWhip

    Three holiday seasons ago my dad got me a toolbox. Each Christmas since then he gets me some type of tool to add to it. You know you’re maturing (NOT getting older) when you can’t wait to see what tool you’re getting this year (I’m hoping for a Dremel tool). Needless to say, I’ve never found any of the tools listed above under the tree!