Tool Rentals To Die For

Somewhere in Kentucky

Cool beads of sweat surface upon your forehead, creating an oily residue that mats your hair to your brow. The blood rushing to your head emits heat, slightly chilled by the rush of cool autumn air thrashing your face.

Your heart pounds behind your eardrums like mallets against a gong—drowning out the sound of dead leaves and crackling twigs underfoot. A flurry of trees fly, obscuring your sense of direction, each passing tree same as the one before it.

The mechanical growl of a chainsaw resonates throughout the wooded nightmare.

Hands blindly reach out ahead to clear branches from the line of vision as if  they were thorn-ridden curtains of a sadistic game show, concealing your grand prize.

“Tell him what’s behind curtain #2, Johnny!”



Rent It Today loves Halloween as if it weren’t obvious. So much in fact, Video Producer Roger Akers and yours truly set out to make a scary promotional video to celebrate the occasion. How scary? We’ll let you be the judge of that, but hopefully it’ll put you in a Halloween state of mind. The above anecdote is the perfect companion for the opening segments of our chilling video.

Rent It Today aims to promote your product in a way that combines top shelf marketing with creative artistry. We feel the talents of our video production and writing team are illustrated in this video. Using a GoPro camera exclusively, this video puts the viewer in the first person perspective.

It’s all in good fun for the Halloween season at Rent It Today…by the way, you can contact us for tool rentals in case you need to rent a chainsaw to chop up some firewood this fall.

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