VistaJet Rental Jet Service Really Taking Off

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Apparently, first class just isn’t good enough. According to a recent article for CNNMoney, demand for private jet service is growing and one company in particular is ready and willing to meet travelers’ needs. VistaJet, a European-based private jet airline, has seen sales increase by nearly 25% per year and has plans to expand into the United States in the coming months.

Offering pay-as-you-fly services, VistaJet hopes to lure travelers away from U.S.-based private jet companies that require flyers to buy and share an aircraft with others or purchase a plane outright. Last month, the company committed to placing 12 new Bombardier aircrafts in the U.S., a market dominated by NetJets. In all, VistaJet has a worldwide fleet of over 40 jets that fly to hard-to-reach destinations such as Mongolia.

Experts believe VistaJet’s unique plane-for-rent business model will continue to gain traction as flyers opt for convenience and 24-hour availability over a multi-million dollar investment. Although certainly cheaper than buying an aircraft, the convenience and experience of flying with VistaJet does come with price.

For folks looking to fly private, those in the industry recommend shopping around to get the best rates and to pay close attention to a plane’s safety record. Although VistaJet may be a great option for some travelers, they don’t offer a one-size-fits-all package.

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