Tips For Renting a Halloween Costume


How many Halloween costumes have you purchased for yourself or your children only to wear it once and never again? Unfortunately, most of us have made that short term commitment only to realize our $50 could’ve been spent on extra candy instead. With Halloween creeping around the corner, save some money and consider renting your next costume.

Renting a costume will save you time and money. Visiting a costume store can dip into your wallet, especially officially licensed costumes that typically have a price tag north of the $40 mark. Specialty costumes are only worn one time and put away in a box in the closet to be forgotten by the time the next October rolls around.

If you decide to rent your costume, Rent It Today has a few things to take into consideration before walking into a costume rental shop:

  • Damage Clause – Rental services have policies to be followed, each with their own definition of what constitutes damage. Be sure to acquaint yourself with what your exact financial responsibility is when renting. Always check the costume for damages before you leave the store so you can’t be held accountable for previous renter’s accidents.
  • Fees – Always know what charges will be incurred if you return the costume late. What’s the extra costs of a damaged costume and is the cleaning fee included?
  • Rental Period – Make sure you know how long you’re allowed to rent the costume. Should you bring it back before the store closes or by noon?

The Costumer provides costume rentals to education, community and professional theater’s nationwide. They also provide an assortment of costume rentals that can be shipped to your door.

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