The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising Explained

Marketing vs. Advertising

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Mad Men, read a magazine, or watched the Super Bowl, you’re probably pretty familiar with advertising. The question is, how does advertising differ from marketing? Aren’t they one in the same? In a recent article for, writer Laura Lake offered up a definition of each term and discussed the differences between the two concepts.

Ad Men

According to Lake, advertising is best defined as “a paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor” while marketing is the “systematic planning, implementation, and control of a mix of business activities” intended to bring buyers and sellers together. Advertising is just one of these activities. A single component of the marketing process, advertising involves getting the word out about a business’ product or service by developing strategies and utilizing mediums such as television, radio, print publications, and the Internet. In almost every case, advertising is the most expensive piece of a marketing campaign.

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On the other hand, according to, “marketing presents the overall picture” for how a specific business will “promote, distribute, and price its products or services.” From public relations, sales, and distribution strategies to product or service accessibility, marketing encompasses all efforts of a business to get their product in the hands of the consumer.

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