Segway of Oakland Now Offers Rent-To-Own Program

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The Segway might not be the safest mode of transportation, but they sure are a hell of a lot of fun to ride. If you’ve spent some time in a major city (or shopping mall) recently, you’ve probably spotted a tour guide, police officer, or mall cop rolling around on what has become one of the most popular personal transportation devices on the market today.

Best Thing on Two Wheels

The Segway, a self-balanced, two-wheeled, battery-powered electric vehicle, was designed to go anywhere. From commuting to work to running errands around town, the Segway provides riders with more “versatility, mobility, and carrying capacity than any other vehicle including a bicycle.” Unfortunately, most people are uncomfortable spending thousands of dollars to buy the device without taking it for a “test-drive” first. That’s where Segway of Oakland steps in.

Rent-to-Own Your Segway

Located on International Boulevard, Segway of Oakland now offers several rental options for the Segway i-Series. For $35 an hour, $99 a day, or $329 a week, prospective buyers or curious commuters can try the mobility device before making the big decision to buy. As an added bonus, Segway of Oakland is offering up to 60% credit of the rental fee to be used toward the purchase of a new unit. What a deal.

Not interested in learning how to ride a Segway but looking for an alternative means to get around the Bay Area? Consider the ZBoard which Rent It Today featured in an article earlier this year. Honestly, we think it would be impossible to look anything but cool riding a (battery-powered) skateboard to your next board meeting.

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