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One Type of Patient Lift, Also Known as a Hoyer Lift

This is the fourth in a series of excerpts from an interview Rent It Today recently conducted with national medical equipment rental provider 101 Mobility’s Director of Marketing, Joel Brenner. To read this interview series from the beginning, you can click here.

RIT: One type of medical equipment rented by 101 Mobility is called a patient lift. What exactly is this device?

JB: A patient lift is a large sling which can be wrapped around a patient and allows someone who is not mobile get from one place to another in a home or care facility. It’s basically something which can assist with the comfortable transfer of patients from one location to another.  It is an aid for people who assist those who are unable to support their own weight as a result of paralysis or disease or aging.

We rent patient lifts which are great for care givers and those who benefit from assistance getting a patient or a loved one into or out of a bed, or into a bathroom or onto the toilet. These are also known as Hoyer Lifts and typically they are rented for longer periods, like a couple of months.

Wheelchair Ramps Get You Where You Need To Go

RIT: Are wheel chair ramps a frequently rented item from 101 Mobility?

JB: Wheelchair ramps are a popular rental item. There are smaller ramps like threshold ramps which are designed to get someone over a rise to a door as well as bigger ramps which are going to take someone up to a porch or back stairs like you’d find with a deck. These rentals are also usually for longer periods of time. We do a lot of these types of rentals.

Patient Lift Rentals from 101 Mobility

If you or a loved one would benefit from the rental of a bedside lift, transport lift, bath lift or even a pool lift, 101 Mobility offers a complete range of patient lifts for both home and institutional usage. Their full range of name brand quality lifts come from industry leaders such as AryCare, Liko and Aqua Creek.

Both home care givers as well as professional care givers at top rated medical facilities trust 101 Mobility’s patient lift systems. These durable medical equipment rentals are designed to meet all of your needs and assist you in providing a superior level of care.

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101 Mobility has offices across the USA. Visit their Atlanta, Georgia rental offerings by clicking here.

To find patient lifts across the USA in an area not served by 101 Mobility, click here to get started.

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