Interest in Renting Private Islands Increasing

Private Island Rental

Most of us who end up taking a vacation this year will end up traveling within the United States to a beach along the coast, a major metropolitan, or out into the country. Others will head to Europe or the Carribean or some other international destination for sightseeing, relaxation, or a little of both. In almost every instance, our budget will factor into our decision on a destination – unless, of course, you’re part of a small percentage of people who can spend (and do) whatever they want. If that’s the case, you might as well rent your own private island.

According to a recent story by NBC News, the rise of private island tourism is a relatively new development as more and more people are looking to rent an island as opposed to owning one. How do we know this? Take a look at the numbers. Over the last 40 years, Vladi Private Islands has been involved in the sale of 2,400 islands. In the last decade, however, the company has booked around 26,000 island rentals.

According to those in the industry, the most popular rentals are whole islands that can be reserved for the exclusive use of a client. Some rental islands come complete with full-service – chef, boat captain, and staff – while others are rustic. A trip to the Carribean island of Bonefish Cay runs just over $66,000 for a one-week stay for up to 14 guests while a week-long getaway to the Amalfi Island off the coast of Italy costs $172,600.

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