Helpful Tips for Reducing Apartment Rental Rates

Tips for Reducing Rent

Although interest rates have remained low and millions of homes are on the market, it seems like a lot folks are opting to rent. Renting certainly has its benefits – flexibility, no maintenance costs, convenience – but as the demand for available units increases, so will the price. To help you negotiate lower rent payments, The Washington Times has put together a short list of tips to get (or stay) on your landlord’s good side.

Pay on Time: Show that you are a responsible and reliable tenant by paying your rent on time. Want to make a really good impression? Hand over the rent check early.

Be a Model Tenant: Show your value as a tenant by taking extra care of your apartment and common areas around the property.

Know the Rental Market: Keep an eye on the local rental market. If you’re landlord is charging too much for the area, consider negotiating a lower rent.

Show Your Appreciation: If you’re happy with the apartment and where you live, let your landlord no about it. Most landlords like long-term renters. By showing your appreciation, you might avoid rent hikes – or enjoy lower rates – in the future.

Consider a Long-Term Lease: Offering to sign a long-term lease could help you land a better deal. Peace of mind is extremely valuable to most landlords.

Flaunt a Good Credit Score: A higher credit score means less risk for the landlord which could mean a lower rental rate for you.

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