Police Union Not Happy with Rent-A-Cop Patrol Cars

Photo courtesy of Rent-A-Cop

Photo courtesy of Rent-A-Cop

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Queensland Police Union apparently disagrees. In an effort to help deter crime in the city, Queensland security company Rent-A-Cop has outfitted its patrol cars with police-style patterns and logos. The company, which serves over 20,000 clients in southeast Queensland ranging from private homeowners to corporations, claims it is not impersonating police officers, has a good relationship with the police, and that the cars have provided its clients with peace of mind.

No Harm, No Foul

Police Union president Ian Leavers argues that the patterns and crest falsely give the impression of a police service but Clinton Stephen, a general manager for Rent-A-Cop, says his security guards don’t aspire to represent police officers. In fact, Stephen states that his team, made up of former police officers, soldiers, and government agents from the U.S., has a “tremendous wealth of experience.” Queenland Police Minister Jack Dempsey sides with Rent-A-Cop and says the company isn’t doing anything illegal and therefore, does not support a change in legislation.

Looks like Rent-A-Cop fought the law – and the law lost.

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