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101 Mobility Ramp Installation

101 Mobility Can Install Accessibility Solutions Promptly

This is the third in a series of excerpts from a recent interview conducted with Joel Brenner,  Marketing Director at 101 Mobility. 101 Mobility is a national provider of mobility and accessibility products, including stair lifts and wheelchair ramps. To start at the initial segment, please click here.

RIT: Once a rental or purchase is completed, how quickly can one of your products be installed?

JB: In some cases we can do an installation the same day the decision is made. In most situations we can install the next day, and in a worst case it might take 48 hours. When you think about the needs of our customer, you’re not a stair lift customer until you’re a stair lift customer. What I mean by this is you may not need one today, but we’ve had situations where a customer is out to dinner and the phone rings and it’s a sister calling to say mom fell down and broke her hip and she’s coming home from the hospital on Thursday and she’s going to live with me and now suddenly I am a stair lift customer. In order for her to come home I need to get the stair lift installed. So it’s usually quite urgent for the stair lift to get put in. That person is going to come home from the hospital, from a surgery, from breaking a bone, and they are going to need to get in the house when they come home. There is usually a high degree of urgency. And so we have the ability to provide the products quickly and that is part of our business model. Having the products on the ground, on the street,  or in our vans is the key. There are instances where we are able to do an installation on-call, depending on the needs and how customized the job is.

101 Mobility Accessibility Solutions

Installation Done Professionally by 101 Mobility Installers

RIT: Are your installations done by employees of 101 Mobility? Do you utilize subcontractors?

JB: Every one of our installers is an employee of 101 Mobility. All of our franchises are locally owned and operated so there is somebody locally who will take care of the customer and address an issue if one arises. We do the service, we do the repair, and we service the warranty. You’re not dealing with an 800 number and a company that is hundreds of miles away. Most of our ramps are ramps that we manufacture and they are fully ADA compliant.   Rent Home Medical Equipment When you want to learn about the accessibility solution which is best for you or a loved one, 101 Mobility can help. They provide long and short term rentals, with many items available on a rent-to-own basis. All rentals include prompt installation and removal, if applicable. 101 Mobility also sells a wide variety of mobility aids and is a certified and factory authorized service provider for Bruno, Harmar, Invacare, Romedics, Pride and many others.

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