Electric Cars Now Available for Rent in Northampton

Electric Car

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When you live in the city, it’s usually pretty easy to get around without a car. Sure you may have to deal with public transportation delays, a bike commute in the rain, or a hot and humid walk to work, but hey, it beats forking over money for a car payment, right?

But what about on those rare occasions when you’d like to take a drive out into the country to get away or visit friends or family in a neighboring state? Chances are, you’ll probably have to rent a car. Most companies offer smaller, more affordable options as well as larger vehicles and SUV’s. However, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Northampton, Massachusetts, customers now have a third option.

Make Like a Tree and Leaf

For those folks looking to drive a short distance and save on gas and/or help the environment, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is rolling out the electric Nissan Leaf for rent in Northampton. On a full charge, the vehicle can drive a distance of nearly 80 miles and is comparably priced with most other vehicles in its class at Enterprise.

Depending on the type of charger, the car can be re-charged for about $2.00 in as little as 30 minutes. As an added bonus to customers, the Nissan Leaf can be returned on empty without an added fee. Although the car might be a better and more cost effective option if you’re staying local, experts say you may be better off sticking to a gas-powered vehicle for longer trips or if you have concerns about finding a charging station while traveling.

Be Exotic

If the Nissan Leaf isn’t your thing (or you are wanting to arrive in style), check out the list of available exotic cars from Rent It Today! From Bentleys to Ferraris, Rent It Today offers a wide selection of luxury car rentals from some of the top providers in the country. To browse a list of rentals, visit Rent It Today!

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