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Curved Stairs? Not a Problem!

This is the second in a series of blog posts which feature an interview with Joel Brenner, Marketing Director for 101 Mobility. 101 Mobility is a nationwide provider of accessibility and mobility solutions. Click here to see the first installment of this series.

RIT: Tell us a little bit about the people your company helps. Who are your customers?

JB: The disabled are a group which a person can join at any time. The last time I checked, disabled persons comprised the third largest minority group in the country. That said, we focus more on the ability than the disability because we feel we are giving back the person’s freedom which a disability may have taken away from them. We work with muscular dystrophy, we work with ALS, we work with multiple sclerosis, we work with people who are born with disabilities as well as those who develop them, and we do a lot of work with the VA, with the veterans. We are a VA FSS contract provider, which means we are a contract provider for the federal government and the VA can select us to do jobs. We do a lot of ramp, stair lift and auto lift jobs for the VA.

Disability Aids

An In-Home Elevator

RIT: What do you see as your mission at 101 Mobility?

JB: 101 Mobility believes we can help people with their accessibility and freedom. We see helping people age in place as a valuable contribution to the community and so we serve with products that we believe really help people and really benefit them.  A lot of people are unaware that the products we sell and offer even exist. They don’t know there is a solution to help them get up to the porch, to help them get up the steps. They think they need a wheelchair ramp that’s going to detract from the appearance of their home and that is not the case. They may also believe a modern stairlift looks like the stairlifts of 20 years ago and it’s not going to be aesthetically pleasing. There are now customized curved stair lifts which can be built to accommodate curved stairs.  Many people are unaware for a decent price you can install an elevator in your home that hides in a closet which will get you from the first floor to the second floor. There are solutions for all types of mobility and access challenges and part of our mission is just to educate the public that these solutions exist.

Rent Home Medical Equipment

When it comes to learning about what your or a loved one’s options are regarding mobility related needs, 101 Mobility is there to help. They provide long and short term rentals, with many items available on a rent-to-own basis. All rentals include installation and removal, if applicable. 101 Mobility also sells a wide variety of mobility aids and is a certified and factory authorized service provider for Bruno, Harmar, Invacare, Romedics, Pride and many others.

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If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, you’ll find 101 Mobility’s office serving the area by clicking here.

If you live in an area of the country not served by 101 Mobility, Rent It Today can help you find a stair lift provider. Just click here to get started.

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