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Making Math Fun to Learn is Mathnasium’s Mission.

Forget everything you remember about learning math: the endless repetition, the difficult to understand terms, the mind numbing memorization. Forget it all with one exception: your first intuitive grasp of numbers.

As a child, you knew how to count from one to ten and beyond. You also understood that big things could be broken down into smaller parts, then put back together again.

Math Learning CenterLike speech, the ability to absorb math is hard wired into a young brain. Many times this intuitive gift is convoluted and distorted by drills and rote practices and procedures which comprise much of math education, leaving a student confused and unsure of his ability to learn.

As a result some students begin a downward spiral in their grasp of math as the inability to assimilate more advanced concepts leaves them foundering. Worse, the problem has a tendency to compound, much like continuing to add floors to a building with a weak foundation.

Fortunately, a proven concept has emerged which helps struggling math students get back on their feet and begin enjoying math again, generating confidence and self esteem which comes with proficiency in the subject.

The Mathnasium Method

The concept is called The Mathnasium Method. It is different from all other math instruction. Mathnasium takes a student back to the basics and builds on them. The basics are the foundations of mathematics, and once the student has a deep intuitive sense of the basics, they are able to tackle and solve problems by thinking and using their well tuned math instincts.

Mathnasium takes time with a new student to evaluate and understand their strengths and weaknesses, utilizing Mathnasium’s tools developed and refined by experience. Then an individualized program is tailored for each student.

Tutoring is then undertaken on a one-to-one individual basis. The goal is to transform the way the student thinks about math, often changing the way they view math for the rest of their lives.

Cincinnati Math Help

At the Blue Ash, Mason, and West Chester locations of Mathnasium in Greater Cincinnati, math is the only subject which is tutored. Focusing on grades K-12, Mathnasium employs time tested methods in math tutoring designed to enable your child to first catch up, then keep up, and ultimately become inspired to get ahead in math.

Mathnasium has locations across the USA. To find one near you, just click here.

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3 thoughts on “Math Tutoring and Math Learning for the 21st Century

  • sujanaloren

    Yes,  I do agree with you that students should build their basics or
    foundations to solve math problems. It is very much required for
    them to excel. One to one tutoring can help students understand and solve
    math problems.

  • ShellWhip

    Too bad it’s just K-12. I could sure use the help when assisting my son with his fifth grade math homework! Great idea. Wish they had a location here in Northern Kentucky.