Renting Books and More for an Entire Semester

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Could you live off of nothing but rentals for five or so months? What if you were a college student presented with this challenge and successfully prized any remaining monies from an allotted semester allowance?

This is precisely what is taking place through BookRenter, an online college textbook rental provider. This week, they launched a promotion entitled “The Rented Life” that challenges one student to survive an entire semester by renting everything they need to live including textbooks and housing. Guidelines also include borrowing, bartering, and finding deals.

The Rented Life“The Rented Life student will receive a semester allowance for living expenses based on the national average for college spending. The student’s goal is to see how much of that money they can save through renting, borrowing, bartering and deal-finding on everything they need, including housing, food, textbooks, travel and entertainment. The BookRenter team will also toss in a few curveballs by giving the student rental and savings challenges throughout the semester that they’ll need to complete and share based on a budget, such as ‘Decor for the Poor’ – A challenge in which the student must redecorate a room in their apartment for under $35. Aside from receiving an allowance for the semester’s living expenses, perhaps the bigger incentive is if the student spends less than the national average, they will keep whatever amount of money left over at the end of the semester.”

Cleveland, OH resident, David Levitz, was chosen to take on the challenge. The Rented Life had a website that allowed followers to keep up with David and his progress, as well all access information on the companies and services he utilized throughout the semester. Learn more at Youtube here.

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